Features - SMS API Platform

Powerful SMS functionality for your applications at a global scale .

  • Sticky Sender
    Interact with customers using the the same recognizable phone number or sender ID an ensure a better experience.
  • Built in Multi-tenancy
    Segment your customers based on use case, spend capacity or risk profile and track usage and billing with Sub-Accounts.
  • Detailed Debug Logs
    Debug and troubleshoot issues and problems faster with detailed logs. Drill down to the details to find the root cause.
  • Extensive Documentation
    With our detailed documentation and sample code get started in minutes. Just copy paste code samples in most cases.
  • Server Side SDKs
    Program in your web language of choice with our server side SDKs in Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Nodejs or Golang.
  • Reusable Templates
    With a vast library of ready to use templates you can add powerful functionality quickly by writing minimal code.
  • Source Number Queueing
    A dedicated rate limiting queue per source number ensures that you never exceed the per number message sending rates applicable in the US and Canada.
  • Priority Select
    Priority based selection of short-code and automatic fallback to standard long code numbers based on destination.
  • Intelligent Message Encoding
    Auto replace unicode characters with similar gsm characters to ensure message delivery to destination networks that don’t support unicode.

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