Global SMS Coverage

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SMS Features and Capabilities

Learn more about the SMS features supported by different countries across the globe
ISO Code


  • Dialing code1
  • Mobile Country Code310
  • Major Network Providers,Aeris Comm. Inc.,Airtel Wireless LLC,Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative Inc.,AT&T Wireless Inc.,Cable & Communications Corp.,Caprock Cellular Ltd.,Cellular Network Partnership LLC
Sender ID
  • Alphanumeric Supported
  • Numeric Supported
Sender ID Notes
  • Messages must be sent from SMS enabled US/Canada phone numbers or US Shortcodes.
Delivery Reciept
  • TypeNetwork (Longcodes) / Handset (TF & Shortcodes)
  • ReliabilityReliable
Long SMS Concatenation
  • Yes Sprint does not support proper concatenation on their network for P2P messages. They do support it for A2P.
Character set
  • GSMSupported
  • UnicodeSupported
Can send Messages to Landlines
  • Yes (If enabled for SMS)